Giclee Prints

A giclee (pronounced “she-clay”) is an elegant, state-of-the-art reproduction that gives a vibrant color rendition of my original painting. It faithfully reflects the color, detail and texture of the oil original.

Giclee, a French printmaker’s term for “fine spray”, was adopted to distinguish this technique from ordinary offset printing. Giclees are produced one at a time. Depending on size, this process can take up to an hour or more for each print. 

Caring For Your Giclee Print

Your print should be handled with the same care that you would give to an original painting. Treat this investment as you would any piece of fine art. To ensure that your print maintains its quality for years to come, please adhere to the following recommendations when handling and displaying:

· If unable to frame soon, please do not keep your print in the tube. For long-term storage, the print should be kept flat and protected to avoid damage. Sandwiched between two pieces of clean,smooth cardboard (no creases or overlaps that could leave an impression), or placed in an archival plastic sleeve.

· A canvas giclee can be stretched just like an original canvas painting, but should be done only by a professional framer that has experience stretching canvas giclees.

· Your print can also be treated like a traditional paper print by “vacuum” mounting process. Do not use the “dry” mount process because that uses heat. Again, only an experienced framer should be used.

· A canvas giclee may be gently dusted using a soft, clean dry cloth. NEVER spray it with any liquids such as Windex or Pledge.

· Do not apply any clear coatings! Your print is already coated and needs no other protection.

· Do not spray the back of the canvas with any liquid.

· Avoid rapid fluctuations of environment and exposure to direct sunlight. A room temperature range of 60 to 85 degrees F, and relative humidity of 30 to 55% is recommended. 


Most orders will be sent within 10 days of receipt of your order. Because Giglee prints inventory is kept at low levels, there may be occasions when shipment will be delayed, thus please allow 4 weeks for shipment. If a delay of more than 30 days occurs, you shall be notified. In such rare cases, I will provide you with an expected shipment date and an option to either cancel your order with prompt, full refund or continue to wait.

Prints are shipped via Priority Mail by the US Postal Service which normally takes 1 to 3 days for delivery. If you desire another shipper, such as FedEX, UPS or DHL, higher charges apply and please ask for quote. Canvas prints are usually shipped in a tube.  Paper prints will be shipped flat.  Original paintings are shipped via UPS and special charges for crating, shipping and insurance apply.


I welcome commissions for aviation subjects. The price for an original oil painting is determined by size of the canvas, aircraft type and scene. Normally, prices range between $6,000 to $9,900. Much research and planning goes into every painting that I produce to insure accuracy and to provide a fresh point of view. As such, an oil painting may take upwards to a year or more to complete, to allow for its creation, drying time and final varnishing. 

Special Print Orders

If you are interested in one of my prints in a larger size, or desire a print of an original painting that currently has no print offering, a special order may be arranged for most of the images. Please contact me for details.


There are no refunds on any prints damaged by the framing process or poor handling, improper storage, etc. All sales are final.

All works are protected by the artist's copyright.  Purchase of original art will be given a Transfer of Ownership document, artist retains copyright.