I spent my youth growing up near Chicago’s Midway Airport during its heyday before the advent of jet aircraft. The sight and sound of large piston-engine airliners with their beautiful color schemes and thunderous engines was absolutely marvelous. Those were the glory days for airplanes such as the Douglas DC-7 and Lockheed Constellation. For me this was the spark that created a career in aviation as a pilot and the pursuit to record the amazing realm of flight via my art for others to enjoy.

As a professional pilot, I have a unique advantage of witnessing the sky which allows me, as an artist, to bring to the canvas scenes that capture the realities of aircraft and the beauty of their operating environment. I am also an avid model maker of museum quality miniature aircraft. By use of my own views of the sky and model aircraft for subjects, I am able to create totally original and unique images.

Through my paintings I try to communicate to the viewer the beautiful effects of light, with a composition that may provoke a feeling of excitement or a spirit of reverence. The viewer can then share the experience in this privileged realm of flight. Although my main interest is aviation, like most artist I also enjoy doing other subjects as well.

My works have been shown in major aviation art exhibits and hang in the offices of several major corporations. They have been displayed in aviation magazines and also used as “box art” for models. Some of my high honors include Best of Show in the 2009 CAE SimuFlite Horizons of Flight aviation art exhibition & competition, Best of the Best Aviation Week & Space Technology aerospace art awards in the 2007 ASAA Art Exhibit, Best of Show in the 2005 EAA Sport Aviation art competition, and First Place Commercial in the ASAA’s 2004 “A Retrospective On 100 Years of Powered Flight”. I am an Artist Member of the ASAA - American Society of Aviation Artists and a lifetime member of the World Airline Historical Society.


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